Autoresponders Vs Social Email Tools

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2012-07-28 18:30:59
Compare Autoresponders vs Social Email Tools
Standard Optin (Autoresponders)Social Optin (Social Email Tool)
1-Click Subscription (no forms)NoYes
High Converting ButtonsNoYes
Email Delivery Features
Pre-Verified EmailNoYes
Facebook Deliverability (over 80%)NoYes
FB Proxy Email (follows email if changed)NoYes
Avoids Spam FolderNoYes
Subscriber DemographicsNoYes
Subscriber GeolocationNoYes
Subscriber InterestsNoYes
Subscriber PhotoNoYes
List FilteringNoYes
Targeted & Personalized MessagesNoYes
Unlimited RedirectionsNoYes
Unlimited Subscriber ListNoYes
Unlimited MessagesNoYes
Unlimited Send LimitNoYes
Email Reporting Features
Subscriber TrafficNoYes
Subscriber ActionsNoYes
Subscriber Automatic Record UpdateNoYes
Mobile Support
Smartphone CompatibleNoYes
QR Code Generator (for ads)NoYes
Social Features
Facebook Wall PostNoYes
Fanpage Wall PostNoYes
Multi-Channel DistributionNoYes
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