Ecosystèmes biens communs, synergies innovations sociales et développements durables Bcorp

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2019-02-11 20:44:33
Les meilleures solutions de plate-formes collaboratives orientées vers le partage de connaissance et de biens communs, durables, responsables. cf.
WebsiteCoverage AreaMaturitéLanguagesProjectSharingEventSharingKnowledge BaseCrowdfundingWikiMicroBloggingHRmanageGeolocationPollsIdeationOpen sourceMicroformatsPeer-to-peer topologyNotesPricefreemiumRank
ActionNetwork.orghttps://actionnetwork.org6.AdoptedYesYes- PaidYes0 no rating
climade21.com no rating
communecter.org 1 rating
coop-group.org agendaYes YesWiki- acteurs0 no rating
ddoogle.fr no rating
ecobase21.net no rating
encommuns.org no rating
Entnest0 no rating
Facebook allow API to integrate discuss into any web site0 USD0 no rating
fonda.asso.fr no rating
HerosLocaux.chhttp://HerosLocaux.ch0 no rating
horyou.com no rating
imagination.socialhttp://imagination.social,28.9974925,3z?hl=en&hl=enYes-0 no rating
NetSquared (Net4Good, Net2),26.1546085,3z?hl=en&hl=en6.AdoptedEN- using blog- blogNo- ++ docs- using facebook- Meetup- slack- slack- no code- dependsNoAssociated, not a real platform, but using multiple platforms0 no rating
imaginefiesta.org no rating
kaleidos-coop.orghttp://kaleidos-coop.org,28.9974925,3z?hl=en&hl=en5.ReleasedYes0 no rating
keystoact.com no rating
LinkedIn USD0 no rating
Meetup.comhttp://meetup.com6.AdoptedYesNo- Paid version, per eventNoYesNoYesNo-No Paid 80€/yAPI available80 EUR /yNo0 no rating
nicetransition.org no rating
onpassealacte.fr no rating
openteam.cohttp://openteam.co,28.9974925,3z?hl=en&hl=en3.Alpha0 no rating
ouishare.nethttp://ouishare.net,28.9974925,3z?hl=en&hl=en7.Leader0 no rating
ow2.org no rating
possibl.ch facebook event0 no rating
proxy.eplanete.nethttps://proxy.eplanete.net0 no rating
resenter.nethttp://resenter.net,28.9974925,3z?hl=en&hl=en3.Alpha0 no rating
shamengo.com no rating
sparknews.comhttp://sparknews.com0 no rating
Imagine Fiestahttp://imaginefiesta.orgYesYes0 no rating
umoov.org,EN,DENoYesNo-NoNoNoYesNoNoNoAPI facebook events0 no rating
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