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Compare Academic Rate vs Nonprofit Rate vs Standard Rate
Academic RateNonprofit RateStandard Rate
Custom Arrangements
1 Custom Arrangement$100$100$150
4 or more Custom ArrangementsContact Me*Contact Me*Contact Me*
Custom Revision of YOUR arrangementContact Me*Contact Me*Contact Me*
Catalog Arrangements
1st Catalog Arrangement$15$20$25
2nd Catalog Arrangement (in same order)$15$15$20
Each Additional Catalog Arrangement (in same order)$10 ea.$10 ea.$15 ea.
Set of Parts MP3s$5 ea. per arr.$5 ea. per arr.$5 ea. per arr.
Revising a catalog arrangement***Contact Me*Contact Me*Contact Me*
Other Services
Consultation via SkypeContact Me*Contact Me*Contact Me*
On-Site ConsultationContact Me*Contact Me*Contact Me*
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  • Compare Academic Rate vs Nonprofit Rate vs Standard Rate
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