Se7en (T)

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2014-12-12 19:49:33
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Se7en (T)
Product details
Initial release date2013-11-01
Last Version2015-01-01
Country of originSueden, USA
Video tour
Technical features
Type of divingtechnical or professional diving
Controlling gazeCCR - Electronically controlled CCR
PPO² MonitorYes, with HUD (Head-Up Display)
Counter lungs positionOver-the-Shoulder
Ready-to-dive weight (filled)18 kg
Travel weight (empty)9 kg
Certifications, marksEN250, EN1809, EN14143, EMC, FCC, CE (European Standard EN 14143)
WOB spec.EN 14143
Available options
Purchasing and using
Price7000 USD
Warranties24 month (
Specific consumables (and prices)
Availability of spare parts
Availability of training centers (by country)France : 5-7
Your vote (opinion)
reliability and security 0
ease of use 0
ease of maintenance 0
Comfort and ergonomics 0
price / performance ratio 0
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    2014-12-12 19:49:33
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